My Carpc in a Opel Zafira 05

Here is a link to the Zafira owners manual for ones that dont have it. Click here for the owners manual

I had always had a thing about having a pc in my car. I have made a start on it today Saturday 27th of june 2009. I have just made a tempory bracket that will hold my linitx 8" widescreen for now and it also holds my satnav. I am wating for a dash to come. Then will use it and mod my screen in to it.

Here is a pic with the bracket holding the screen and satnav.



I have fitted the brains (PC Box) in the car today it just tempory. I will hope to have time later or tomorrow before going away for me hols,

to take more pics of working.

13th July 2009

I have started to mold the screen in to my dash (Spair Dash)

I have cut the bottom off the screen where linitx is writen to make the bottom square and put all the cables comming out of the screen into one connector on the back of the screen. I am sorry I forgot to take a pic of the screen when I done this to it.


Here is the screen molded in and all most ready for painting. Just a few small holes to fill and sand down again and paint. With it a bank holaday Monaday here I forgot to get the paint. I had low tack masken tape on the on the screen but it had fallin off. I was to lazy to put more on and I have marked the screen on the one of the eages with sandpaper. Apart from that the screen needs a good clean. So far I am happy the way its truning out.


6th Augest 2009


11th Augest 2009

I have spent a evening up on till an hour ago trying to get the aux relay working so it will charge the aux battery. The aux battery charging relay was bought in halfords. I took it a part and discoverd that it had a diode in the wrong way around.

I hope to have time on Thursday to get back at it and get the pc installed

The battery is a 12A hour seal lead acid battery the same type found in ups and burglar alarms.

The reason for the battery is so I can leave the pc in stand by and not kill my main battery.

The way the relay was wired is it will only be on when the engine is running. When I am parked someware and wating for someone I can use the pc of the aux battery and my HU will be powered from the main battery so I should kill the main battery quick.


16th Augest 2009

I have connected up the pc on a test run and it works :)

Here is some pics sorry thay were taken at 11:00pm